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  • How do I know this is a Legitimate opportunity?
    Our partner, Arise Virtual Agent Solutions, is national elevated having been featured on various media sources such as MSNBC, CNN, and The Real. They are currently accredited with Better Business and have a multitude of Customer Service Professionals (CSP) currently serving the Arise network.
  • What will the work entail?
    You will be functioning as your own micro-call center, taking customer service calls from established and well-known fortune 500 companies. These calls can range from billing related questions, technical assistance, account maintenance, sales, and data entry.
  • What will I need to preform my job functions?
    As an agent of CoolChics Innovative Solutions, you will need the following to be successful: · A Quiet work area · A Computer – Desktop computers are preferred, however, a laptop that can be wired is acceptable as Wi-Fi is not permitted given the nature of the calls. · High-Speed Internet · USB Headset · Most Clients no longer require a phone land line. If the opportunity specifically states, “Hardwired USB headset with phone quality audio required,” you will be able to take these types of calls directly through your “wired” computer.
  • What are the expected up-front costs associated with this opportunity?
    Due to the nature of this Business opportunity, you will be expected to pay $30 to complete a background check with our third-party vendor. This is required due to the type of information that you as an independent contractor will be handling and have access to on behalf of the customers that your service, which includes account related information and personally identifiable information.
  • It states that training courses are required prior to beginning work with any clients, how does this work?
    Agents are required to complete the training programs for their respective clients prior to beginning work. These classes are available online and are generally 2 to 4 hours each day per training session, depending on the client you select. Also, you will be able to select which timeframes works best for your schedule as class are available in the morning, afternoon, and evenings.
  • How long will it take for me to start working and getting paid?
    Depending on the client, required training classes can be between 5 days and 30 days. Once you have successfully completed your required training course per client leading to certification, you can begin working and getting paid. With any training, there is going to be a large abundance of information and while it could seem lengthy, the time goes by quickly. Some of the offered training classes also have an “earn while you learn phase”, which means while you are taking the training course, you will also be able to begin earning income. The earn while you learn phase for some training programs begins roughly 2 weeks after you start your training program. All of this information will be listed in the opportunity announcement (OA).
  • When will I be paid?
    Agents will be paid semi-monthly (twice a month) on the 15th and the last day of the month. Payments will only be made electronically via direct deposit to your specified bank account or via payment card of your choice. Please note, No paper check will be mailed as we want ensure funding is received by the intended recipient.
  • Will I be responsible for my own Taxes?
    As an independent Contractor, you will not be classified as an “employee”. As such, you you as an independent contractor will be responsible for your own taxes as no taxes will be deducted from your earnings. We will provide you with a 1099-MISC at the end of each calendar year. For more information on tax preparation, please speak with your tac preparation services regarding information on filing a 1099-MISC.
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