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Who We Are

CoolChics Innovative Solutions (CCIS) holds a core belief that remote work is an option that should be made available to everyone. In today’s changing marketplace, everyone should have the ability to control their time and opportunities. Here at CCIS, we have created a pathway for you to define your professional freedoms by providing viable and convenient opportunities for you to define your work schedule and whom you work for!


Our Mission has been designed with you in mind as we are dedicated to assisting those who desire professional freedoms within their life choices. As the job market continues to shift and instability impacts many across our nation, it has become imperative to provide viable and reasonable opportunities to those who need them most.  CoolChics Innovative Solutions (CCIS) is dedicated to helping you achieve professional freedoms within your life choices by giving you the opportunity to manage your time as you deem necessary while obtaining financial security.

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