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Our process is innovative and straightforward. We provided a more streamlined process towards employment! Complete our application, included below, to begin the process towards higher level professional life freedoms


Once you have registered you will take a short skill assessment. After successfully passing, you will gain access to all clients. Upon selecting your client, you will complete a background check, as well as enroll within their training  program to become a Certified Customer Support Professional (CSP).


After youcomplete your required training, you will be classifed as a Certified Customer Support Professional. Once certified, you can begin earning money! Simply select the hours that best fit your lifestyle and create the future you want from the comfort of your home!

Start Working From Home Today!
Do you have the needed equipment to work remotely
Are you willing to undergo training for the respective clients
With this opportunity you will be classified as an Independent Contractor, Are you aware of what this entails?
As an independent contractor you will be required to obtain an EIN number from the IRS. Will you be able to obtain an EIN number if offered an opportunity?
Are you able to dedicate a minimum of 15 hours a week for this opportunity?
Are you able to ensure a quiet work location while working for this opportunity?
Are you able to provide excellent customer service to customers?
Will you be able to participate in a 30-minute Phone interview?
A background check will be required for each applicant at a cost of 30 dollars to move forward with this opportunity. This cost will be paid directly to a third-party vendor to conduct your background check. No part of this cost is paid to CoolChics Innovative Solutions. Will you be able to participate in a background check for this opportunity?

Thank you for your interest. if selected, you will be contacted to complete a 30-minute phone interview. This interview will be used to go through the framework of this opportunity, our partnership with Arise, and expectations of you as an independent contractor. Please allow up to 72 hours to receive a response to this submission.

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